About Social Media Angel

Our Vision

To be one of Australia’s preferred and trusted Facebook specialist for SMEs.

Hello, I’m Deb Purkiss, Founder of Social Media Angel. This business was created with a huge passion for social media. The idea that introverts can have a leg-up in a social field really propelled me to come out of my shell and help those around me. What I really do is free up time for small businesses, reduce their stress associated with social media posting and help build and grow branding and profits. I do this because it’s hugely rewarding to see peoples’ success and being able to share that with them. A love for people both online and in person, a drive to help others and a passion to succeed is what sets me apart.

What I love:

Facebook, business, brand building Starwars, Lego building, helping people, measuring growth and fun

Social Media Angel is Your Local Specialist

Our mission is to provide a specialised Facebook management service for SME business owners that drives their business forward, and effectively integrates with their current marketing strategy. Taking the stress out of Facebook by delivering a personalised service from an experienced and passionate local specialist.

Your Social Media Angel specialises in Facebook Management.

Managing Social Media for Businesses in the Logan and Brisbane area for many years now, we have found that Facebook is where most businesses are making conversions and kicking goals. It’s all about where your target audience are spending their free time. For the most part, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform across a range of ages in the Logan and Brisbane area. With this research in mind, this is why the majority of our attention is focused on Facebook. Specializing in this area means that I am able to bring you the very best and most up to date Facebook marketing strategy for your business, giving you the opportunity to propel your business to the next level.

No Overseas Call Centres to Navigate

We recognise that SME business owners often know they need Facebook but don’t have the time or understanding to manage it effectively themselves.

We are committed to providing a valuable specialised service for SMES who don’t have an enormous budget to help them get their brand out there on Facebook and other social channels. We will take the stress out of managing and maintaining your Facebook presence. We provide a breath of fresh air in the online space, as have personal contact and will get to know you and your business intimately. I actually want to talk to you!

  • No Hype, No BS
  • No unrealistic promises
  • No hidden charges

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen and we will be with you the entire time. It’s not about quantity, but about quality. We will focus on achieving substantial organic growth that is sustainable for your business.