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No doubt you’re inundated with pitches from social media managers all over Australia offering you their services with promises of virality and instant social media success.

But it’s not always so easy to identify a good pitch from a reputable and reliable social media service. Here’s a list of what any good social media service and consultant should be offering. And by the way…none of these are negotiable. Well at least to us they aren’t.

Brand Management

We understand that your brand has a unique voice and we are here to listen to what is has to say. We take into consideration all of your brand’s values and ideals when creating social media content and ensure that your brand portrays a relevant and cohesive identity. We ensure that your brand’s image stays on the right path and that you’re represented at all times as an authority in your field.
We ‘listen’ to hear what is being said about your brand to make sure that your brand Integrity is not compromised.


At Social Media Angel, we take various factors into consideration to come up with a unique social media strategy that works for you. Whatever your budget and whatever industry your business falls under, we can help you work out a plan that you are happy with. You give us your goals, and we’ll help you reach them!

We help you build the best possible social media strategy that encompasses your mission, vision and the core values of you brand.

Account Setup

Once you have told us which platforms you would like to have profiles and pages on, we will have your various accounts set up for you in 24 to 48 hours. This way, your brand is out there as soon as possible and ready to attract new clients. For an additional cost, we can provide all the necessary ‘must haves’ in terms of account setup, such as cover and profile photos.

We will have your choosen accounts set up within 24-48 hours so that we can start to build your presence and get your brand seen faster. We have the ability to create your timeline covers for any social media channel. We also can provide stock images at an extra cost.

Account Management

One of our most important and popular services is account management. We manage all your social media accounts for you, posting relevant content and we’ll manage engagement with your customers and followers as well. We will of course take care of posting at the optimal times and do extensive research into what type of content is best suited for your preferred target audience.
Our management team in Brisbane will take over your accounts for you. We have the knowledge to know when the best time to post is. We have the ability to create user content that speaks to your market. We monitor your accounts and respond to your customers on your behalf.

Do any of these services sound appealing to you? Whatever social media pages you need run, we can definitely make your life easier! Social Media Angel are social media experts and can make your brand come to life through various online platforms.

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