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Everything you need to know about Facebook Groups

Are you part of any Facebook groups? Facebook Groups are a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract new customers and build relationships! If you are a small business owner, then regularly interacting in a local Facebook Group is a necessity to growing your business. So, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Facebook Groups.

Years ago, before any of the major social networks popped up on the internet, every niche group had forums on the web. Thousands of active users visited these forums to discuss, debate, and build relationships with like-minded individuals. The social network, Facebook, capitalised on this love for exclusivity and sense of online community by creating it’s Facebook Group feature. Facebook Groups are private communities on the social platform. A Facebook group allows for a two-way interaction, where group members can post messages and ask questions. Facebook groups have created an ecosphere where every target audience is ready and engaging with posts. The types of Facebook Groups out there are limited only to your imagination, for example, there are cooking groups, local community groups, fanbases, reading groups, dog groups and so much more. So, what do Facebook groups have to do with your small business?

Facebook Groups increase your organic reach

According to the platform, Facebook prioritizes posts from groups in a user’s newsfeed, therefore there is a higher chance of showing up in the feed, especially compared to Facebook Page posts. If you’re consistently posting to a Group and your audience is reacting to it, your content or interaction is going to be shown more to your audience. You can see this for yourself by scrolling through your own Facebook feed. It doesn’t take long to come across a Group post, does it?

Facebook groups help facilitate community building

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to connect with your community. This bringing together of like-minded people works beyond the relationship between your brand and your customers. Being part of a local community group allows for the fostering of relations between your customers. In these groups, customers and business owners can interact, whether that be requesting specific jobs or work, or the advertising of goods and services. By interacting with those in your local community, you can increase awareness around your business in your local area and build relationships with those in your community. When customers feel that they have a strong relationship with you, they are more likely to give and refer business to you! It is important you engage and reply to users enquiring about your product or service and advertise your business frequently amongst the group members.


Facebook Groups build long lasting customer relationships

Depending on your business, another great way to increase your brand awareness is to create your own Facebook group. This has become extremely common for those with a large customer base, and those who sell products. The exclusivity of a group allows users to interact and discuss the product, share information, and provide feedback or ask for help. Creating your own Facebook group is a spectacular way to build relationships amongst your customers, therefore increasing the likelihood they will continue using your service or buying your products. Your small business should definitely be utilising the Group feature as it increases your online reach and fosters a sense of community. If you would like help using Facebook for your business, contact Social Media Angel and we would love to help!