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How to deal with Negative Reviews

So you’ve finally created an online profile and put your business out there on social media. You are enjoying connecting with customers, sharing your work, and gaining attraction for your business. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until you suddenly receive a negative review on one of your social media profiles! You are devastated and shocked, what do you do?? There are some very clear do’s and don’ts to follow for when it comes to dealing with negative reviews. Whether it’s a dissatisfied customer or the victim of a misunderstanding, how you handle these negative comments largely determines your online credibility. So while you may shriek at the sight of a negative review, there are tactful ways to handle these comments, save the customer from leaving for competition, and even bring forth a chance to learn how to make your service or product even better.

No matter what, do not ignore the comment.
The worst thing you can do for your business is ignore any negative comments posted online. This enables your followers to judge and draw their own conclusions about a review that may not be justified or was written deliberately to harm your brand. Forbes reports that more than 90% of customers read online reviews to make informed purchasing decisions, hence it is important to correctly respond and address the issue rather than hope it will go away. Maintaining public relations and engaging with your followers is also imperative for building your brand. An open line of communication between your business and customers portrays you are an engaged and devoted business owner.

Remain positive and apologise.
“The customer is always right”. Even if you disagree with their point of view, you should still apologise and aim to resolve the conflict. If the customer is lying about their experience with your business, keep it positive, and work with them to solve the issue. Being polite to negative comments also enhances your brand image, showcasing to your followers that you are an understanding and friendly business with a desire to resolve conflict.

Offer contact information, and offer to discuss matter privately
Once you have shown the reviewer you genuinely value their opinion and are willing to solve the issue, provide them with an email or phone number that they can use to send a private message. This accomplishes two things, it shows the reviewer you value the issue, but most importantly it takes the issue away from the public eye. This will help diffuse any situation where the customer is being argumentative to your responses.

Generate positive comments
It’s almost impossible to avoid the occasional negative comment, however it is possible to generate positive comments. If your business receives two bad comments but has 10 positive ones, the weight of the very few negative reviews won’t mean as much. So how do you get more positive comments?

  • Strive to create engaging social media content to boost engagement
  • Reply to every comment and develop a relationship with your audience
  • Ask your loyal clients/or customers to leave your reviews about your service/product