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How to find optimal times for posting on social media

Best time to post on social media

When exactly is it the best time to post on social media? Or more importantly why is it important to post at optimal times? For every successful business on social media, there are times most suited to post to ensure the post receives maximum online exposure. Even the best social media posts won’t perform well for your business if it is not posted at an optimal time when your audience is online and engaged. So how do you find the best times to post on the likes of Facebook and Instagram?

Social media is becoming very personalised as algorithms, content, and ads are now catered to the individual. Therefore, to provide a personalised experience for your businesses followers, you need to post according to your audience’s social media usage behaviour. If you are posting at an optimal time, there is no reason why your post shouldn’t be getting lots of engagement and reach! Here are some ways you can find the optimal times to post:

For a new social profile, make an informed guess

If your social media profile is new, it will be hard for any platform or even yourself to know when the best time is to post, but don’t worry all you need is a little common sense. This is the time when you will need to step into your audience’s shoes and think when might they be scrolling social media?

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Mornings and evenings during commute time
  2. Lunch time during their break
  3. Weekdays for B2B or weekends for B2C

Set up a posting schedule using Facebook business manager

Facebook Business Manager has a built-in scheduling platform your business can use to post to Facebook and Instagram. In the beginning, plan and post out your social media posts based upon some of the times you think would work best. Once you have done this Facebook will have enough data to provide an optimal time posting option. These recommendations are based on when your followers were most active on Facebook in the last 7 days. Since Facebook and Instagram are connected, Facebook will also provide a time they believe is most optimal to post to your Instagram. On your Facebook Business Manager there is also an analytics feature, by studying your post likes and engagement you will be able to gain more insight into what posts performed well and at what times they were posted.


Many social media scheduling platforms having used their data have researched the most optimal times to post on Facebook and Instagram. Scheduling platform, Hootsuite, analysed over 30,000 posts to see if certain dates or times universally get more engagement on social media than others. They found that the best times to post on social media overall was 10am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. More specifically, Facebook was 8am-12pm Tuesday and Thursday, and Instagram was 11am Wednesday (Hootsuite, 2021). If you don’t have much posting data or audience research yet, these times are a great place to start.

Utilise a qualified Social Media Marketer

A qualified marketer is a specialist in the social media field; therefore they are able to construct a posting schedule based upon a marketing strategy. They also frequently analyse your social media data and can make informed decisions about when is the most optimal time to post. Most of all, it is their job to organise your businesses positing schedule so that you no longer have to worry. If you would like help managing your social media posting, contact Social Media Angel.